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Snack Games is a weekly subscription service that gives you access to the best, exclusive mobile games Anytime, Anywhere! It gives you unlimited access to 4 different flavours of game: Smart, Addict, Pop or Strong.

Snack Games is only available for Android, iOS & Windows phones as well as tablets and iPads. Blackberry and basic feature phones are not eligible for the service.

The Smart Games gather all the best brain-teasers. Get your thinking cap on!

This section brings together all the most addictive games. These irresistible games will keep giving you snack-cravings!

Sports, music, gossip… These exclusive star-filled quizzes will put your pop-culture knowledge to the test!

The Strong Games will fill you up on adrenaline with the best selection of action games. Strong sensations guaranteed!

Playing snack games

Snack Games can be accessed via any Android, iOS or Windows phone with an internet connection as well as tablets and iPads. You can use the site's address www.snack-games.com on any tablet or smartphone with an internet connection and a compatible browser (Chrome, Safari or Firefox).

For a better quality of service, make sure you are using the most recent version of the browser.

We strongly advise you to create an account which will give you multi device access to enjoy Snack Games anywhere, anytime on any of your devices!

You'll also be kept up to date with the latest Snack Games news concerning service updates and improvements

You just need to create an account on your first device where the subscription was done. Then you can login to www.snack-games.com on your other device and instantly access the service!

As long as your subscription is valid, you have an unlimited access to all the games available in Snack Games.

If you want to go back to Snack Games Home Page, you can click on the Snack Games shortcut displayed in the corner of the screen.


You will be charged at the end of each subscription period by your carrier, charges will appear on your monthly phone bill or deducted from your pre-paid credit.

The first billing period will start on the date of your initial subscription.

You can unsubscribe by following these steps on your mobile phone:
- Go to snack-games.com and log in
- Go to the My Account page
- Go to "Cancel my subscription"
- Click on "Unsubscribe" and follow the instructions

You can also unsubscribe at any time by simply sending "STOP" by SMS to the following number: 89365 (non premium number).

For more information, you can go to: http://www.customercare-site.co.uk/snack-gamescustomercare

Frequently encountered problems

If your content didn't play correctly, please check the following:
- Is your subscription still active?
- Are you properly connected to the internet?
If the problem persists, please contact our Customer Service team: 03 308 080 653

Just click on the "Log In" button on the interface, click on “Forgot your password” and follow the steps.

If you can't log in, please check the following:
- Make sure you're properly connected to the internet
- Make sure you're using the right username/password combination
- If you've forgotten your password, please click on the "Forgotten Password" button on the "Log In" page
If you still can't log in, please contact our Customer Service team: 03 308 080 653

Please email our Customer Service team: [email protected]

Please email our technical support team: [email protected]

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